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also be the fountain of our misery? The full and ardent sentiment

which animated my heart with the love of nature, overwhelming me

with a torrent of delight, and which brought all paradise before wigs hair pieces thinning hair

me, has now become an insupportable torment, a demon which perpetually wig supplies accessories

pursues and harasses me. When in bygone days I gazed from these breast cancer swim caps

rocks upon yonder mountains across the river, and upon the green,

flowery valley before me, and saw alI nature budding and bursting

around; the hills clothed from foot to peak with tall, thick forest novelty swim caps

trees; the valleys in all their varied windings, shaded with the cotton turban

loveliest woods; and the soft river gliding along amongst the

lisping reeds, mirroring the beautiful clouds which the soft evening

breeze wafted across the sky, -- when I heard the groves about me

melodious with the music of birds, and saw the million swarms of

insects dancing in the last golden beams of the sun, whose setting

rays awoke the humming beetles from their grassy beds, whilst the

subdued tumult around directed my attention to the ground, and I

there observed the arid rock compelled to yield nutriment to the

dry moss, whilst the heath flourished upon the barren sands below

me, all this displayed to me the inner warmth which animates all

nature, and filled and glowed within my heart. I felt myself

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