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prospect, no hope, no consolation -- forsaken by him in whom her

existence was centred! She sees nothing of the wide world before scarves for cancer hair loss

her, thinks nothing of the many individuals who might supply the where to buy a silk scarf for hair

void in her heart; she feels herself deserted, forsaken by the chemotherapy hair loss hats

world; and, blinded and impelled by the agony which wrings her chemo scarfs

soul, she plunges into the deep, to end her sufferings in the broad cancer patients hats

embrace of death. See here, Albert, the history of thousands; and

tell me, is not this a case of physical infirmity? Nature has no

way to escape from the labyrinth: her powers are exhausted: she

can contend no longer, and the poor soul must die.

"Shame upon him who can look on calmly, and exclaim, 'The foolish

girl! she should have waited; she should have allowed time to wear

off the impression; her despair would have been softened, and she

would have found another lover to comfort her.' One might as well

say, 'The fool, to die of a fever! why did he not wait till his

strength was restored, till his blood became calm? all would then

have gone well, and he would have been alive now.'"

Albert, who could not see the justice of the comparison, offered

some further objections, and, amongst others, urged that I had

taken the case of a mere ignorant girl. But how any man of sense,

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