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about it." "How!" I exclaimed, and endeavoured to conceal my hairpieces for short hair

emotion; for all that Adelin had mentioned to me yesterday recurred headband wig

to me painfully at that moment. "Oh, how much it has already cost

me!" said this amiable girl, while her eyes filled with tears. I purple ribbon cancer

could scarcely contain myself, and was ready to throw myself at

her feet. "Explain yourself!" I cried. Tears flowed down her purple ribbon cancer

cheeks. I became quite frantic. She wiped them away, without

attempting to conceal them. "You know my aunt," she continued; short wig styles

"she was present: and in what light does she consider the affair!

Last night, and this morning, Werther, I was compelled to listen

to a lecture upon my, acquaintance with you. I have been obliged

to hear you condemned and depreciated; and I could not -- I dared

not -- say much in your defence."

Every word she uttered was a dagger to my heart. She did not feel

what a mercy it would have been to conceal everything from me.

She told me, in addition, all the impertinence that would be further

circulated, and how the malicious would triumph; how they would

rejoice over the punishment of my pride, over my humiliation for

that want of esteem for others with which I had often been reproached.

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