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morning from my weary slumbers. In vain do I seek for her at night

in my bed, when some innocent dream has happily deceived me, and

placed her near me in the fields, when I have seized her hand and pre tied head scarves

covered it with countless kisses. And when I feel for her in the

half confusion of sleep, with the happy sense that she is near, scarf on head

tears flow from my oppressed heart; and, bereft of all comfort, I

weep over my future woes.


What a misfortune, Wilhelm! My active spirits have degenerated pre tied head scarves

into contented indolence. I cannot be idle, and yet I am unable cancer inspiration

to set to work. I cannot think: I have no longer any feeling for

the beauties of nature, and books are distasteful to me. Once we

give ourselves up, we are totally lost. Many a time and oft I

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