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and puts to flight half a score of his enemies, are such persons

to be called weak? My good friend, if resistance be strength, how

can the highest degree of resistance be a weakness?" tying a headscarf

Albert looked steadfastly at me, and said, "Pray forgive me, but how to tie a square scarf

I do not see that the examples you have adduced bear any relation headcovers online

to the question." "Very likely," I answered; "for I have often

been told that my style of illustration borders a little on the eyebrow wig

absurd. But let us see if we cannot place the matter in another

point of view, by inquiring what can be a man's state of mind who quotes for cancer

resolves to free himself from the burden of life, -- a burden often

so pleasant to bear, -- for we cannot otherwise reason fairly upon

the subject.

"Human nature," I continued, "has its limits. It is able to endure

a certain degree of joy, sorrow, and pain, but becomes annihilated

as soon as this measure is exceeded. The question, therefore, is,

not whether a man is strong or weak, but whether he is able to

endure the measure of his sufferings. The suffering may be moral

or physical; and in my opinion it is just as absurd to call a man

a coward who destroys himself, as to call a man a coward who dies

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