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I observed, "but I never remember a sermon delivered against

ill-humour." "That may do very well for your town clergymen,"

said he: "country people are never ill-humoured; though, indeed, turban for sale

it might be useful, occasionally, to my wife for instance, and the

judge." We all laughed, as did he likewise very cordially, till

he fell into a fit of coughing, which interrupted our conversation

for a time. Herr Schmidt resumed the subject. "You call ill cancer head covers

humour a crime," he remarked, "but I think you use too strong a

term." "Not at all," I replied, "if that deserves the name which how to tie a headscarf for cancer patients

is so pernicious to ourselves and our neighbours. Is it not enough turban for sale

that we want the power to make one another happy, must we deprive

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