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it required all Charlotte's presence of mind to set me right by hats for bald heads

pulling and pushing me into my proper place.

The dance was not yet finished when the lightning which had for cancer bandanas

some time been seen in the horizon, and which I had asserted to turban for sale

proceed entirely from heat, grew more violent; and the thunder was

heard above the music. When any distress or terror surprises us

in the midst of our amusements, it naturally makes a deeper impression

than at other times, either because the contrast makes us more head covers for cancer patients

keenly susceptible, or rather perhaps because our senses are then

more open to impressions, and the shock is consequently stronger. knitted beret

To this cause I must ascribe the fright and shrieks of the ladies.

One sagaciously sat down in a corner with her back to the window,

and held her fingers to her ears; a second knelt down before her,

and hid her face in her lap; a third threw herself between them,

and embraced her sister with a thousand tears; some insisted on

going home; others, unconscious of their actions, wanted sufficient

presence of mind to repress the impertinence of their young partners,

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