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scene surrounding me. The little wood opposite -- how delightful

to sit under its shade! How fine the view from that point of petite cap wigs

rock! Then, that delightful chain of hills, and the exquisite

valleys at their feet! Could I but wander and lose myself amongst

them! I went, and returned without finding what I wished. Distance,

my friend, is like futurity. A dim vastness is spread before our

souls: the perceptions of our mind are as obscure as those of our wigs for chemo

vision; and we desire earnestly to surrender up our whole being, top wig

that it may be filled with the complete and perfect bliss of one

glorious emotion. But alas! when we have attained our object,

when the distant there becomes the present here, all is changed: scarves for chemo

we are as poor and circumscribed as ever, and our souls still scarves for chemo

languish for unattainable happiness.

So does the restless traveller pant for his native soil, and find

in his own cottage, in the arms of his wife, in the affections of

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