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seldom seen a place so retired and peaceable; and there often have head wraps for cancer

my table and chair brought out from the little inn, and drink my hats for bald ladies

coffee there, and read my Homer. Accident brought me to the spot head wraps for cancer

one fine afternoon, and I found it perfectly deserted. Everybody

was in the fields except a little boy about four years of age, who

was sitting on the ground, and held between his knees a child about wigs for women with cancer

six months old: he pressed it to his bosom with both arms, which

thus formed a sort of arm-chair; and, notwithstanding the liveliness

which sparkled in its black eyes, it remained perfectly still.

The sight charmed me. I sat down upon a plough opposite, and

sketched with great delight this little picture of brotherly

tenderness. I added the neighbouring hedge, the barn-door, and where can you buy wigs

some broken cart-wheels, just as they happened to lie; and I found

in about an hour that I had made a very correct and interesting

drawing, without putting in the slightest thing of my own. This

confirmed me in my resolution of adhering, for the future, entirely

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